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Initiative 3.3: Leveraging External Collaborations and Partnerships


A third major goal is active participation in the annual meetings of the United Nations (UN) Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), using our official NGO status, which we have held since 2001, as a platform for hosting regular parallel or side events and participating in official CSW meetings. By leveraging this status to participate in global conversations, join global networks (including UN networks), and establish international connections, we will gain new avenues for the dissemination of our research, theory, and action programs.

Beyond the UN, we will engage in key collaborations and strategic partnerships with fellow research institutes and centers, women-, girl-, and gender-focused NGOs, funders, and others. We define collaborations as shared work projects and partnerships as ongoing, mutually enhancing institutional relationships. Our objective is to collaborate, sometimes on a researcher-to-researcher or project-to-project basis and other times institutionally, with individuals and organizations whose objectives are similar or complementary to our own. Similarly, our objective is to partner with organizations that will gain from WCW’s expertise and experience, amplify WCW’s social change impact, and link WCW to influential networks of thought leaders, policymakers, media makers, academic colleagues, activists/advocates, and communities. Through such collaborations and partnerships, we will enhance both our social change impact and our sustainability.


Strategic Plan