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Initiative 3.1: Leveraging Our Ties with Wellesley College


Since its inception, WCW and the College have had a mutually enhancing relationship. WCW has served as a resource for Wellesley College students and others to develop research expertise through internships, research assistantships, work-study participation, and postdoctoral opportunities. Students who have worked with us have gained valuable skills in data collection and analysis as well as literature review and scientific writing, in some cases becoming co-authors on scholarly publications and presenters at academic conferences. This is one of the most exciting and fundamental aspects of our work at WCW, and it will continue as a cornerstone of our activity into the foreseeable future.

Over the course of the next decade, we see increased opportunities to collaborate fruitfully with Wellesley College faculty and faculty formations, such as the Project on Public Leadership and Action and the Quantitative Analysis Institute. We also see opportunities to contribute to College-level initiatives, such as the Women.World.Partners, the Peking University Partnership, and the MasterCard Scholars webleveragingcollegetiesphotoProgram. As mentioned above, we anticipate new opportunities to invite our faculty colleagues to participate in WCW-launched initiatives, such as the Research Informed Social Change Leadership course, described above.

Strategic Plan