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Initiative 2.3: Collaborating Globally to Increase Research and Program Capacity


WCW will serve as a research capacity-building partner with organizations worldwide that are working to increase the impact of gender-informed research on social change issues related to women, girls, and gender.   Our focus will be on women-and-gender research organizations and academic institutions seeking to develop women-and-gender research capacity in developing nations, beginning with Africa. Central to our model of partnership will be facilitating research-related collaborations between WCW researchers and international colleagues, and facilitating information exchange between countries and across cultures.

A second component of this initiative will be to facilitate collaborations between WCW’s action programs, which offer various kinds of training, and international partners seeking such training. Where possible, we will also encourage and facilitate program evaluation, which may provide opportunities for research and action staff to partner, in order to assess the efficacy of change efforts and build the body of culturally valid, evidence-based programs available worldwide.

A third component of this initiative will be to continue serving as an evaluation partner to on-the-ground organizations working on gender equity and other forms of social change in their communities. Over the years, WCW researchers have developed a reputation for offering high quality gender-equity and evaluation-research services to community based organizations, corporations, government agencies, and other institutions. In the coming webcollaboratinggloballyphotodecade, we seek to build on this reputation by becoming a go-to partner for gender-equity and evaluation research that falls within the purview of our research specialization areas as well as by expanding the work internationally.

Strategic Plan