From 40 to 50

Goal 3: Increasing Our Impact:

New Outreach, Collaborations, and Partnerships


Because the Wellesley Centers for Women was founded some 40 years ago on the aspiration of aiding the women’s movement by providing substantive and rigorous research on women, women-centered theory, and women-inspired action programs, the spirit of collective action is part of our institutional DNA – even if, over time, our focus has broadened. Today, collective action means working in collaboration and partnership with other organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our vision of a better world in ways that amplify our collective efforts through complementarity and shared endeavor. For WCW moving forward, this will mean engaging in new outreach and seeking new collaborations and partnerships at multiple levels. At the most local level, we will continue to strengthen our ties with our home institution, Wellesley College. Regionally, nationally, and internationally, we will engage in new outreach through a variety of means and seek new collaborations and partnerships with agencies and organizations large and small that can amplify our efforts and our impact.


Strategic Plan