A special project at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

Directors: Joyce K. Fletcher, DBA, Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.

This project is designed to explore and develop approaches to enhancing business practice and productivity through relational and emotional intelligence, and encourages mutual empowerment, the shifting of organizational norms, and continuous learning and teaching.

The Working Connections Project of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute is an exciting endeavor designed to explore, define, and develop a revolutionary approach to enhancing business practices and productivity of organizations. The work in this project is based on the relational-cultural theory of development, which proposes that growth-fostering relationships are a central human necessity and that disconnections are the source of a multitude of psychological, social, and organizational problems.

Working Connections key topics:

A new model of effectiveness: Relational and emotional intelligence, empathic responsiveness

Strengths of relational practice: Mutual empowerment, authenticity, listening/responding, the mechanics of mutuality

Having an impact: Working more effectively; shifting organizational norms; relational resistance and resilience; building a new language of competence

Reframing leadership: Fluid expertise, embedded outcomes, continuous teaching

Diversity: Doing things differently; considering the complexities of race, ethnicity, class and gender; building collaborative communities

Decision making: Relational strategies of effective decision making

Waging good conflict: Managing adversity, competition— who wins?

Conditions of creativity: The dynamics of growth-in-connection, creating growth-fostering conditions within and among people

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