Message from the Director



Message from the Director

This fall, the eyes of the world are turning to the United States to track the progress and results of our 2016 Presidential election. With all that has been going on nationally and internationally – not to mention in all of our home communities – this election is likely to determine the tenor of life for years to come. That means it will also shape the world in which women live and work, girls grow up, families make ends meet, and communities actually thrive or merely survive. The stakes are high. Yet, regardless of who gets elected, we will still need research, theory, and action that address the issues that women and girls, families and communities, face each day. WCW’s core mission to advance gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing will be as relevant as it ever was.

Earlier this year, WCW began its own Campaign 2016 that we’ve been calling “Policy Recommendations for the Next Administration.” The idea is that our researchers and project directors are a treasure trove of policy advice in their respective areas of expertise. Throughout the year, we have been tapping them to produce policy briefs and presentations for a variety of audiences. From educational and economic themes that are important to women and families, such as early care and education, out-of-school time, or paid family leave, to mental health and adolescent development themes, like youth depression, youth and social media consumption, or sexual harassment in middle and high schools, to women’s empowerment themes like women’s leadership and preventing gender-based violence, to broader social justice themes like immigration policy and racial justice, our scholars are making the link between research and policy. All in all, our message is about the power of data to strengthen policy, particularly at such crucial time.

I hope that you will follow our policy recommendations, available online at, through our social media, and in our semi-annual report, Research & Action. I hope that you will also support our work, because good research takes time and sound studies can take months and years to produce the precise kinds of results we need – on a moment’s notice – at critical moments like this. Together, we are building on the foundation of our motto, “A world that is good for women is good for everyone.”

Layli Maparyan, Ph.D.

Katherine Stone Kaufmann ’67 Executive Director
Wellesley Centers for Women
Professor of Africana Studies
Wellesley College

A world that is good for women is good for everyone. (TM)


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Our mission is to advance gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing through high quality research, theory, and action programs.


    A world that is good for women
    is good for everyone.