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Still in Transition: D.C. Theaters, Seeking Leaders of Color

Washington Post, January 19, 2017

By Nelson Pressley

24681584612 c49c80c5c1 zThe world of theater has the potential to foster spaces where marginalized voices take center stage. However, according to “Women’s Leadership in Resident Theaters,” a study conducted by Sumru Erkut, Ph.D., and Ineke Ceder of the Wellesley Centers for Women, only six of the 74 League of Regional Theaters (LORT) had artistic directors of color, and none had executive directors of color, as of the 2013-2014 season.

Against the backdrop of these harrowing statistics, Washington D.C.-based residential theaters such as the newly formed Mosaic Theater Company, are committed to diversifying leadership. Mosaic is one of six small to midsize troupes supported by the Weissberg Foundation $1 million Diversity in Theater pilot fund. The goal of the fund is break the glass ceiling quantified in WCW’s study.

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