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Career Coaching for the Playdate Generation

The New York Times

by Laura Pappano

April 7, 2016

pappanoFor new college graduates, transitioning to the job market can be daunting. They face an evolving career landscape requiring highly specialized skills, and many recent grads have no clue where to start. For those who have grown up with coaches, tutors, test preppers, and other resources to guide them through their academic life, it only makes sense to hire personal career coaches to help them make their next move.

Students who were raised by helicopter parents may need the extra help, too -- recent research has shown that young adults with the most intense parental oversight feel less able to make decisions on their own and had “maladaptive responses” to some workplace scenarios.

While parents might find this kind of personal guidance very foreign, some believe it is their kids’ best chance at a successful career. Laura Pappano, writer in residence at the Wellesley Centers for Women, looks into this pricey new industry, the young adults turning to it, and the parents who are bankrolling it.

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