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“I was called names like slut and whore”

The Guardian (UK)
Emine Saner
November 30, 2007

While sexual bullying in schools has been studied for some time in the United States, it is just beginning to be recognized as an issue in the United Kingdom. Sexual bullying ranges from sexualized comments about appearance, to name-calling, to spreading rumors, and even to rape, and there are increasing reports of such behavior throughout the UK. While the government chooses to focus on racial and homophobic bullying, charities like Womankind Worldwide are stepping in to educate students and schools about how to address sexual bullying. Nan Stein, a research scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women, says that “schools may serve as the training grounds for domestic violence and sexual assault” and furthermore, that “it is frightening because it is allowed to go on in public, it is as if it gives permission to proceed.” Although she approves of the type of workshops run by Womankind, Stein contends that wider measures such as social workers and counseling services in schools are necessary. This is because sexual bullying, as Stein states, “is getting more sexually violent and is happening at a younger age.” 

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