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Women’s Review to publish anew

Boston Globe
David Mehegan
July 11, 2005

The Women’sReview of Books, distributed by the Wellesley Centers for Women wasforced to halt production in December, 2004, but, as it turns out, only temporarily.Old City Publishers in Philadelphia has agreed to partner with the WellesleyCenters for Women in order to restore the magazine’s production. Thepublication’s editor, Amy Hoffman, stated, “I’m thrilled,just incredibly pleased. We’re a place where people can have thoughtful,substantial discussions on feminist thinking and research. We’ve provideda place for scholars and activists to talk to readers and promote dialogue.” SusanBailey, executive director of the Wellesley Centers for Women added thatthe Women’s Review is “one of the last publications of its sort…It’sparticularly important that there be a place for reviews and feminist writingand perspective.” The Women’s Review will resume production inJanuary, 2006.  Read more