The Cost and Quality of Full-Day Year-Round Early Care and Education in Massachusetts: Infant and Toddler Classrooms

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Year Published: 2004

Authors: Nancy L. Marshall, Cindy L. Creps, Nancy R. Burnstein, Joanne Roberts, Frederic B. Glantz, Wendy Wagner Robeson

The message emanating from brain research and research on early education and care programs is clear: Quality early experiences have a positive impact on the development of a young child, and contribute to greater school readiness. Providing early educational, emotionally supportive, and nurturing experiences are vital in order for children to develop successfully. There are an estimated 173,520 children in early education and care programs in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth's substantial investment of over $500 million in early childhood education, coupled with the high numbers of children in child care programs, makes understanding the quality of services imperative, both to children's welfare and for planning effective state investments.

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