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Join Us! Lunchtime Seminar: October 23
October 16, 2014

Join us Thursday, October 23rd for the lunchtime seminar "The Competitive Edge: How Do Corporate Recruiters Evaluate Collegiate Varsity Athletes?" presented by Allison Tracy, Ph.D., Sumru Erkut, Ph.D., and Laura Pappano, B.A.;
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10/22 Webinar: From 40 to 50: A Roadmap to WCW’s Half Century Mark
October 15, 2014

As WCW enters its 40th anniversary this year, nothing could be more exciting than presenting a roadmap for the next decade. Layli Maparyan, Ph.D., will share specific and broad goals in the WCW strategic plan during this webinar; register today>>

Brave New Girls -- a timely repost
October 10, 2014

Today, Malala Yousafzai was named a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Read this blog post about her, written by WCW Executive Director Layli Maparyan, Ph.D.; read blog>>


WCW's Strategic Plan: Follow Our Progress
October 03, 2014

WCW launched its first-ever strategic plan, From 40 to 50, outlining four key goals to build WCW's work and influence for women and girls, families and communities; read more>> 

Mental Health Day Oct. 10: Seek Supportive Relationships
October 03, 2014

Amy Banks, M.D. writes that supportive human relationships are often overlooked in our search for quick mental health fixes; read blog>>

Women's Review of Books
September 26, 2014

Since 1983 the Women's Review of Books has provided a forum for serious, informed discussion of new writing by and about women; the Sept/Oct issue is now available; read more>>


Celebrate All Students During National School Success Month
September 19, 2014

Students with PTSD are at high risk for dropping out of school, despite their intellectual capabilities, writes Michelle Porche, Ed.D., in the latest blog post; read blog>>



Suicide Prevention: The Depression Link
September 07, 2014

Tracy Gladstone, Ph.D. examines the connection between adolescent depression and suicide; read blog>>


Women's Equality Day
August 26, 2014

Recognize Women's Equality Day. Remember, a world that is good for women is good for everyone (TM); On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment was certified; learn more>>

Is Stress Making Us Sick?
August 04, 2014

In this blog post, Nancy Marshall, Ed.D., discusses how too much stress. such as poverty, bad jobs, and too many responsibilities in our lives can be harmful to our health; read now>>



Child Care and the Overwhelmed Parent
July 31, 2014

In this blog post, originally posted on the New York Times, Courtney Martin, a friend of the Wellesley Centers for Women, discusses the year-round struggle for many working mothers to find child care; read now>>


Facebook: Friend or Foe
July 31, 2014

Linda Charmaraman, Ph.D., discusses findings and trends about social media based on her Media and Identity Study in this blog post, originally published on the Human Capital Blog; read now>>


Spring/Summer 2014 Research and Action Report
July 09, 2014

The Spring/Summer 2014 Research and Action Report is now available online to read, featuring: Moving beyond Prison: Building a Women's Justice Network in Massachusetts, by Erika Kates, Ph.D.; read more>>

Open Circle Training Goes to Uganda
June 23, 2014

Two Open Circle trainers from the Open Circle Program, Jen Dirga, MSW, and Sallie Dunning, Ed.M., traveled to Uganda in May 2014 to train teachers, youth, and parents from six rural primary schools and communities through the Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation; read more>>


NIOST 2014 Summer Seminars
June 02, 2014

The NIOST Summer Seminars will cover many topics regarding afterschool, out-of-school-time, youth development, and education, including the Afterschool Program Assessment System; register now>>



TEDx Talk: The Naked Truth
May 15, 2014

Jean Kilbourne, Ph.D. discusses the representation of women in advertising and its implications in this new TEDx Talk; watch now>>


The Origins of "Privilege"
May 15, 2014

Peggy McIntosh, Ph.D., is featured in The New Yorker discussing the concept of privilege with Joshua Rothman; read more>>


CDC Cites WCW Research on Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools
May 12, 2014

A White House Task Force announced efforts to address gender violence/ sexual assaults on college campuses; an intervention program developed by Nan Stein, Ed.D., and Bruce Taylor, Ph.D., was identified by CDC as having great potential for reducing rates of sexual violence. Read more>>

May 07, 2014

Margaret Cezair-Thompson, Ph.D., senior lecturer in the Wellesley College English Departments, shares ways you can help campaign to free Nigerian kidnapped girls; read blog>>


Middle School Expanded Learning Opportunities
April 15, 2014

Ellen Gannett reflects on 20 years of expanded learning opportunities for middle school communities in new post; read blog>>

2014 SEED New Leaders' Week
April 14, 2014

Applications for the SEED New Leaders' Week, and grants to cover a portion of fees for eligible schools, are available through May 15th. 
Apply here >>


A Case of Structural Racism
April 11, 2014

Jean Hardisty, Ph.D. writes that barriers for low-income mothers in accessing subsidies for child care leaves children behind in Mississippi; read blog>>


UN Commission Calls for Increased Efforts to Promote Gender Equality
April 02, 2014

The UN CSW ended with a call to prioritize gender equality and the human rights of women in order to achieve sustainable development; read blog>>


National SEED Project Names Two New Associate Directors
March 31, 2014

Gail Cruise-Roberson and Jondou Chase Chen named associate directors of peer-led professional development program for teachers, college faculty, parents, community leaders; read more>>

Computer Literacy: A valuable skill for women & girls
March 20, 2014

Sue Sours writes that we need to: reach a critical mass of women in technology and keep young girls engaged throughout their academic trajectories; read blog>>


Ellen Gannett in Top 25 Influential Afterschool Professionals List
March 19, 2014

Ellen Gannett named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Afterschool by National AfterSchool Association; read more>>


WCW U.N. CSW parallel panel--listen online!
March 17, 2014

WCW and colleagues presented The Power of Data: How Research Advances Social Change for Women and Girls during the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women in NYC; listen online>>

A College Student’s Perspective on Leadership
March 17, 2014

Wellesley College senior Sarah Mahmood considers the way leadership is demonstrated and taught following her time as an Albright Institute Fellow; read blog>>

Boston Quality Inventory 2013 Report Released
March 11, 2014

Findings from the 2013 Boston Quality Inventory of community early care and education programs are now available; read more>>

Social Justice Dialogue: Leadership for Social Change
March 03, 2014

Wellesley College's Michael Jeffries and Hahrie Hahn contrbiture to our blog discussion about Leadership for Social Change; read blog>>

Between a Rock & Hard Place: Race & Child Care in Mississippi
March 03, 2014

A new publication by Jean Hardisty, Ph.D. explains how structural racism preserves much of Mississippi’s pre-civil rights power structure and the racial inequality of resources and access; download here>>

HOST Coalition applauds national partner organizations' commitment
March 01, 2014

The HOST Coalition applauds national partner organizations and colleagues for their recent announcement to create healthy environments for children who participate in OST programs; learn more>>

Spring 2014 Issue of Afterschool Matters Journal available
February 28, 2014

Youth in Out-of-School Time programs voice the desire for more youth-controlled programs, including STEM-focused programming; read more >>


Teen Dating Violence Prevention
February 06, 2014

Nan Stein, Ed.D. encourages the investment in evidence- based & evaluated programs that inform public policy; read blog>> 

The value of sports for career launch
February 04, 2014

Laura Pappano, Sumru Erkut, Ph.D., and Allison Tracy, Ph.D. ask, "Does sports participation in college, for example, offer access to enter a corporate career?" read blog>>


Dispelling myths in human trafficking
January 24, 2014

Kate Price, M.A. dispels some human trafficking myths about violence against women and children; read blog>>


Remembrance, Recognition, and Reconciliation
January 20, 2014

Erika Kates, Ph.D., reflects on her Jewish heritage and moving towards reconciliation on the Women Change Worlds blog; read post>>


A Different Kind of Resolution
January 06, 2014

Layli Maparyan, Ph.D. advocates that we resolve to connect ourselves to the change we’d like to see in the world; read blog>>

Learning from Amy
December 22, 2013

Susan McGee Bailey, Ph.D. reflects on mothering, as a single parent, a child with disabilities; read blog>>


Connections Are at the Core of Social Change
December 11, 2013

JBMTI's Judy Jordan, Ph.D. writes that empathy and mutual respect provide the under- pinnings for societal trust and economic stability; read blog>>


Bullying Prevention Starts with Adults
November 26, 2013

Nancy MacKay and Nova Biro remind adults to model and reinforce positive behavior and anti-bullying messages; read blog>>


Creating Space for More Than Tolerance
November 20, 2013

Emmy Howe reflects on teaching, school environments, and the International Day of Tolerance; read blog>>



Did the Republicans Lose Women in the 2013 Elections?
November 18, 2013

Alex Sanger,WCW advisor, shares some of his insights on our Women Change Worlds blog; read post>>

Help Us Reach 1,000 Facebook Followers by Dec. 31st
November 08, 2013

Help us reach 1,000 Facebook followers by the end of 2013 so that we may share our work with more concerned citizens of the world; follow us>>


Poverty and the Rural African Girl
October 21, 2013

Beatrice Achieng Nas writes that poverty is too often the plight of the rural African girl but that education can help break the cycle; read blog>>


Enough with the Excuses—Corporate Boards Need Women
October 21, 2013

Corporate boards benefit from diverse representation so why, Sumru Erkut, Ph.D. asks, are there still so few women? read blog>>