Engage the Power of Your Philanthropy


When you join the Directors Circle Leadership Giving program with your gift of $2,500 or more, you will find yourself in the company of some very special people. Passionate, generous, smart people who care about getting to the heart of innovative social change--for women and girls, families. People like you who put the power of their philanthropy to work on transformative research and action projects.

You will link research and leadership on urgent issues in education, economic security, mental health, youth & adolescent development, and gneder-based violence. Research that changes lives.

As a member of the Directors Circle, you will have an in-depth connection to our research and latest findings, and a special seat at the conversation on the vital issues in the lives of women and girls.

Directors Circle Member Benefits

     \  One-year subscription to Women's Review of Books
     \  Invitation-only webinars--personal online conversations with scholars and senior           staff to update you on our latest research and programs
     \  Invitations to special events
     \  Special gift from us (let us surprise you!)




Directors Circle Levels

Contributing $2,500+ annually
     \  Directors Circle member benefits

Contributing $5,000+ annually
     \  Directors Circle member benefits
     \  Complimentary book or special research report

Contributing $10,000 annually
     \  Directors Circle member benefits
     \  Complimentary book or special research report
     \  Invitations to VIP events

Contributing $25,000 annually
     \  Directors Circle member benefits
     \  All of the above benefits, plus a personal update from the WCW executive




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    “WCW studies and promotes women’s leadership across many fields, including human rights, and in both the private and public sectors. The Centers itself is a leader in this critical and emerging field, serving as a role model for institutions around the globe.”

    Nancy Hawthorne
    Interim Chief Executive Officer and Former Chair, Avid Technology